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    • We have a few spots available in 2018 agility seminars. Here's the registration formhttps://form.jotform.com/72678468833170                                    
    • To reserve a room/rv: Tarch319@gmail.com
    • February 16-18 YDS NADAC Agility Trial Premium is here: Feb_2018_2.pdf    
    • NEW EVENT:  June 28-July 1 AKC AGILITY TRIAL hosted by Big Sky Tracking Dog Club of MT  www.redtileagility.com for premium.
    •  NEW EVENT: BEST OF THE WEST!!   NADD Dock Diving, UpDog Disc and NADAC Agility!!  July 27-29  Contact Melissa LaMere Dragovich for more info!  Check this website for event updates: https://whisperingechosfarm.weebly.com/bitw18.html
    • Links to Yellowstone Dog Sports NADAC trial premiums are below in list of events!!  

2018 SEMINAR and TRIAL Schedule 

Registration form:  https://form.jotform.com/72678468833170     

 April 4-5 AMANDA NELSON Distance Agility Seminar ($125/day)          Registration form available here:

April 6-8 NADAC hosted Agility Trial                                                      Premium available at www.nadac.com 

May 11-13 YDS NADAC Trial, Judge: Craig Coonrad                          Premium available here: May_11-13_2018_.pdf

May 25-28 YDS NADAC Trial, Judge: Gary Visintainer                   Premium available here: Memorial_Trial_2018_1.pdf

June 10 PAULA GOSS Pre-Novice Foundations for Greatness! ($125)  Limit 10         June 11-12 PAULA GOSS Elite Handling ($250) Limit 12                                             June 13-14 PAULA GOSS Open/Novice ($250) Limit 12                           Registration form available here:                     

 June 15-17 YDS NADAC Agility Trial, Judge Patty Leroy                  Premium available here: June_2018.pdf

June 22-24 RMDS NADAC Agility Trial                                                  Premium available at www.rockymountaindogstars.com 

June 29, 30, July 1 Big Sky Tracking Dog Club AKC AGILITY TRIAL Premium available here: https://redtilek9events.com

July 25-26 STEVE STOCHAJ/AMANDA NELSON Agility CAMP        Topics include: Getting to the Line, Discriminations, Staying Connected and other FUN stuff.  All Levels. $250    Registration form available here:

July 27-29 BEST IN THE WEST (NADD Dock Diving/UpDog Disc and NADAC Agility)    Contact Melissa for more info cdx@hotmail.com   

July 27-29 NADAC hosted Agility Trial                                                   Premium available at www.nadac.com                      

July 31 AMANDA NELSON Distance ($125)                                              August 1 AMANDA NELSON/PAM SMITH Handling Options ($125) August 2 PAM SMITH More Speed with Crosses ($125)            Registration form available here:

August 3-5 YDS NADAC Agility Trial, Judge: Pam Smith                Premium available here: August_2018.pdf

August 31-Sept. 3 Labor Day Agility Cluster AKC Agility Trial      Premium available at www.redtileservices.com                                        Email elaine.osmun@gmail.com to reserve room or rv (after Jan. 1) Email tarch319@gmail.com to reserve room or rv (after March 1)